The Time Will Come

Have you done everything you can to accommodate your difficult or emotionally abusive person, but the relationship stays the same? Where is God in all of this pain?

The Time Will Come offers encouragement, hope, Godly wisdom, and insight as you travel through life with this person.

Betty Hawley Scott writes of her personal encounters with God and the insights and knowledge she has gained through her experiences and observations of emotional abuse between her and her mother. As a retired public school counselor, she is able to use her counseling skills to encourage you to see life events from God’s unique perspective. She offers blessing, hope, and dignity as you strive to please God and deal with a difficult or emotionally abusive person.

The Time Will Come empowers you to:

  • heal from emotionally abusive relationships
  • live with dignity and confidence as you deal with your difficult person
  • help and understand others who struggle with a difficult person
  • stay encouraged in daily life
  • know that God has not forgotten you