20 Aug

Instead of saying “Carrying God With Me…” I should say “God Carrying Me With Him Throughout My Day”.   I am so thankful that He has pursued me and has not given up on me.

I consider faith to be a gift from God.   It is through faith that a person continually seeks God’s guidance, presence, wisdom, and His participation in daily life. It is because of this gift that we are able to marvel at the beautiful times and persevere during our difficult trials.

My faith in God has been the cornerstone of my counseling career. Counseling is and has been my ministry. While I could not express my personal beliefs as a public school counselor, I could encourage students and parents to make choices that employed high character standards and values. I was able to pray for those who were put in my life.

Throughout my life I have called upon God for wisdom, guidance, and the constant renewal of faith. It is difficult to be associated with a challenging relationship, to try to maintain emotional health, and to try to keep a close and confident relationship with God.

God carrying us with Him and giving us the gift of faith enables Him to heal relationships and hearts. These miracles glorify Him and bless His people. His perfect timing is marvelous and beyond our human knowledge.

I encourage you to stand strong in your faith and to focus on God. Don’t give up or give in to defeat. God is the healer, and He is compassionately and lovingly participating in all of your relationships, even in the painful ones. He has not forgotten or abandoned you.  When we get to heaven, we will see His presence in every second of our lives.   Then we will see how important we were and how God used everything – good and bad – to glorify Him.




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