10 Dec

I am at Christkindl Market Days in Arlington Texas.

As I watch the people hustling and bustling in the holiday festivities and beauty, I wonder what is going on in their hearts. Are some of these people preparing for the Norman Rockwell Christmas, anticipating family gatherings, where everyone gets along, has peace, and enjoys lots of laughter and joy?   I wonder about others who may be concerned about their loved ones in the military. And then there are those who are walking around, looking beautiful, and yet their hearts are heavy because they don’t know where their precious loved one is because of drugs, alcohol, rebellion, or a broken relationship.

How many of us are looking to Jesus Christ’s birth with peace and contentment? Are we marveling at the wonderment of what God did in one single night affects our entire existence – past, present and eternity?

May we enjoy God’s presence and His blessings in each facet of our Christmas, whether we are full of joy or carrying unwanted burdens.


Come Lord Jesus. May this Christmas season be a time that we grow closer to You and know You more intimately. Amen

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