24 Aug

Counseling has been a very important and rewarding part of my life. Not only did I earn a Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, I relied heavily upon the Holy Spirit to lead and speak through me.

During my public school counseling career I obtained several trainings and served in various capacities that helped me to understand and have compassion for hurting people and dysfunctional situations. I served on the San Angelo ISD District Crisis Team for eight years. This team was called to campuses to stabilize the emotional welfare when a tragedy, such as a suicide or accidental death, had occurred. I also served on the District Emergency Response Team, a community based effort, for two years. The purpose of this team was to provide the community with stabilizing services if a disaster occurred.

During my career I held several certifications. I was a certified Christian Mediator and a Family Counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors. I was a Certified School Specialist for Trauma and Loss in Children through the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children. I obtained the training to be recognized by the Texas State Bar to be a Court Appointed Mediator of suits affecting parent-child relationships and other family disputes.

As a public school counselor I was called to comfort, encourage, educate, and help hurting children and their families. I saw how pain – often unintentionally inflicted – affected and hurt all parties involved in a situation.

A very rewarding aspect of counseling is to help people form a new reasoning pattern that glorifies God.

Many times, especially during a crisis or a tragedy, individuals sought counseling from me. Quite often, they suffered from undeserved guilt, or because they did not know how to cope with the loss.

It was rewarding to walk through situations with them, offer comfort and encouragement, and to help them to recognize their positive input in the history of the relationship. When mistakes were made – unkind actions, etc. – I tried to help individuals see how they could handle similar situations differently in the future. I was also able to encourage them to rely on their faith.

My pastor, Linda Chandler, describes relationships as being bittersweet. I agree with her. They contain the element of human sin and the special love and joy that only our magnificent Holy Spirit can pour into them. With the presence of sin – mistakes and regrets – comes the love and overpowering presence of the Holy Spirit. God was able to overcome Satan’s lies and torment through His presence to help these hurting people.

It was an honor to be a connecting tool between God and His precious children.

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