21 Sep

Difficult relationships help us to be the person God created us to be.

Because we love and seek God, we feel that he should recognize our needs and answer our prayers in a timely manner. After all, isn’t that what we do in our human relationships? Generally speaking, we try to please and make life comfortable for those we love. God does the same for us by blessing us with so many things – faith, health, family, needs met, careers, freedom, and safety.

However, when we cry out to him to heal difficult relationships and he doesn’t do it, we question our faith and his presence. We wonder if we are valuable to him, and if he truly cares for us.

When others hurt us – especially when it is ongoing and deep – then we have an idea of how Jesus must have felt as he walked the earth. He was aware of so much more than we can even attempt to comprehend. As a result, the pain and grief he must have felt as he longed for mankind’s salvation must have been overwhelming.

God knew his son would have to endure this to be the savior of the world. If Jesus had to go through such pain, then we, too, have to endure the imperfect to recognize the perfect.

Jesus wants us to be like him. It is through the pain of difficult relationships and enduring sin that we have a small understanding of who he is.   He is able to put his spirit and his healing into us as we go through life events. We become the people he wants us to be.

When his perfect timing is accomplished, then he blesses us to be able to see who he is and how wonderfully he created us.

Sometimes we have to be de-valued by man to recognize how valuable we are in God’s eyes. It is at this point that we can see the wonderful creation we are and are able to walk with dignity in spite of difficult people or hurtful situations.

Then we know that difficult relationships help us to be what God wants us to be.

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