01 May

I recently had a learning adventure that I will probably remember for a good while.

It was Sunday morning and I was determined that I was going to get to church on time, which would have been unusual for me.

The weather was raining and storming, but it didn’t seem too serious. I usually enjoy storms, because I feel that God’s presence is in the rain, wind, thunder, and the lightning.

As I started to walk outside, all of a sudden the rain started coming down very heavily. I got my umbrella and wrestled with it and with carrying my things and putting them in the car. The next challenge was to get the umbrella in the car since it was quite windy.

I looked around and could feel that the air pressure felt funny. I thought to myself that the atmosphere felt like it was tornado weather.

As I drove through the neighborhood and got onto the freeway, I noticed that the trees were blowing in a circular motion. Pea sized hail peppered the car. Since the weather alarm had not gone off on my cell phone, I continued my mission without much concern. There was little traffic on the freeway, which was somewhat disturbing.

As I walked into the church, quite proud that I was on time, the few people that were there asked me why I was driving in that dangerous weather. The news and weather stations had advised people to take cover because of a tornado in the area.

I guess I could try to blame my foolishness on my phone, since it should’ve gone off with a weather alert. But the bottom line is that I saw the signs and ignored them. In doing so, I put myself in danger.

The moral of the story is this: God takes care of those who don’t know any better and those who should know better!

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