03 Apr

When a family suffers a loss of a loved one, everyone struggles with grief. Unfortunately sometimes the children unintentionally take a back seat in this process. Life has changed drastically. Everyone is in the self-survival mode. Business details demand immediate attention. School and work continue and each person is expected to do the same.

Camp Agape is a bereavement camp for children, ages 7 through 12. Kim Turk founded this camp 17 years ago. It was the first Christian-based nondenominational bereavement camp established for children in Texas. If you know of or have a grieving child who has lost someone within the last year, I highly recommend that you check out Camp Agape at www.campagapetexas.org.
 Applications for children and volunteers are now being taken. This is truly God’s camp and a special place to offer His healing love to our precious hurting children.

Life is so delicate and we often take it for granted. Many times it isn’t until a serious illness or death occurs that we realize how fragile we, as human beings, are. These children are experiencing this grave reality of life at a young and formidable age. They need lots of love, comfort, encouragement, sympathy, and assurance of God’s presence for them. Families need support as they love each other and grieve together.

I pour my heart out to these children as I counsel and pray with them. They are God’s precious treasures and I am honored to walk with them for this short time through their grief journey.

Helping each other walk through life together and stay close to God is what we do at Camp Agape.

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