07 Sep

God healed my relationship with my mother in a way that I would have never expected.

When we ask God for something, we generally have an idea of what, when, where, and how we want him to bless us.  In other words, we have a picture of the package and how it will serve our needs.

Fortunately, God hears our requests, and then he does things his way.

In Isaiah 55:8 he clearly states, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.” I am so glad he gave us notice of who he is.

This is why the Pharisees, the Jews, and the disciples missed who Jesus Christ was. This is why we miss who Jesus is today. We have our pre-conceived notions of who God is and how he should do things.

If I had written the script for Betty’s life, Mama and I would have been close. I would not been hurt by her emotional abuse or paid her back when I was older. I would have grown up in either Beaver Cleaver’s or the Walton’s neighborhood.

Instead, God did something for Mama and me that revealed his love, glory, and his magnificent forgiveness and presence. He patiently waited for forty-nine years while we resisted, hurt, and tried to love each other. Both of us were innocent and both of us were guilty.

When God revealed to me that Mama was going to die, he also showed me her heart. He showed me the pain and rejection she had experienced during her life. He also showed me the bitterness and anger she had carried inside of her. For the first time, I saw Mama as God saw her, and God changed me.   I understood and loved her so much.

God allowed me to see her heart and his love for her. Not only did I see his love for her, but she and I also experienced his healing love between and in us. I saw her as God saw her, and she was so precious and beautiful.

The phrase, “We may be surprised who we see in heaven” became a reality. Some of the meanest, most eccentric, and unlovable people on earth will be in heaven. We will see the pain they bore and how they tried to cover it up.

Some day God will show you your difficult person’s heart. Not only will he mend the relationship, but also he will also divinely heal your hearts – the emotional, mental, and spiritual pains that were inflicted in this imperfect world.  At that time you see that his gift was given to you at the perfect time and with the perfect details so that you can see who he really is.

You will truly be blessed!



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