08 Oct

What are some of the lies and false expectations we struggle to achieve or conquer? How many of these illusive expectations do we actually WANT to achieve? We accept all kinds of mistruths and unattainable goals as evidence that we are living our lives to the fullest and with genuine purpose.

Some of our illusive expectations may be irritated or challenged by the following questions:

What is beauty?

What is intelligence?

Who is a good person and who is not a good person?

What personality trait or life achievement gives us our value?

What is wealth?

Who says if we are loveable?

Who determines if we are a good parent, good spouse, or a good child?

Who says when we have enough material possessions?

Who says when we have achieved the highest point of our career and that we are finally successful?

Who has the authority to override the circumstances and learning experiences God has gifted us in our processes of life? For instance, we are encouraged to believe that financial gain is not necessarily a measure of success, but we strive to accumulate as much money and material possessions as possible. If we do not have our resources to fall back upon, then we are a failure and should have planned our lives better.

We have to look to God for the answers to each of our illusive questions in our own private lives.

If we are not looking closely to God, listening to His personal instructions to us, and continually absorbing His love, we can get caught up in the rat race and compete for a “success” that was not meant for us.

On the day of our death, what are people going to say about us? Most importantly, what is God going to say about us?

When we get to heaven and look back over our lives – whether it is today or in the future -what are we going to see as our successes in life and our failures in life? What are we going to see as the truths in life and the lies that we accepted as truths?

May we look to God for every single detail of our lives. May we be searching for Him, questioning Him for our direction and how to do His will, and doing our best to live for Him every second of every day.

May our lives be a time of growing closer to God so that when we arrive in heaven we will see how our lives enmeshed with His divine purpose, plan, and direction.

But right now – today – our bit of heaven is experiencing God’s presence as we try to live for Him.

May we be blessed today as we experience closeness with God and marvel at His presence in all things.   May we cherish our lives and be completely confident that what we may be experiencing – whether it is the highest joy or the lowest sadness – has value in God’s eyes and heart.

Not only is God with us in each detail of life, He has already gone before us in our futures. All we have to do is take the next step. What a blessing!

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