14 Mar

The Time Will Come Ministry Weekend, held at Christian Church of San Angelo in San Angelo, Texas, on February 26 & 27, was a special time with God. Many of the attendees expressed that they had been blessed with healing concerning difficult relationships. They also gained new understanding and knowledge about the dynamics involved in those relationships. Several people stayed after the sessions for prayer and counseling.

God blessed this weekend with four strong women of prayer as our Prayer Team. Winnie Roach, Shelley Webber, Brandi Smith, and Emily Hill prayed with people and for God’s presence and anointing during the sessions.

It was a time of individuals opening up and discussing challenges and blessings in their lives. There was learning, laughter, some tears, prayers, searching the scripture, and, of course, food to eat!

I consider it an honor to share God’s love, forgiveness, and acceptance with those He connects me to. I continually pray that every word I say is a gift to God when I speak on His behalf.

May God see us as His blessing as we strive to be in the center of His will.


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