31 Aug



Some failed relationships are ongoing. Such was the case with Mama and me. God never gave me release from Mama, and I knew to reject her completely was only repeating the generational cycle in which I was raised. I didn’t want to pass that method down to my daughter or to have to account to God for such actions.

The big heartache of an emotionally abusive relationship is that love is not returned. Fear is a major component in it.

Sometimes the desire for a relationship is one-sided. The second party has no intention of giving or receiving love and/or communication. Sometimes Party #2 is downright mean.

Sometimes both parties desire a relationship. They truly want to enjoy each other. However, one or both persons may not have the emotional or spiritual abilities to contribute to it. Attempts of love are interpreted as violation of boundaries. The self-defense is seen as rejection. The cycle continues until both parties are worn out.

Whatever the situation may be – a difficult or emotionally abusive relationship is hard to endure.

Most of the time the desire for kindness, love, and acceptance is a constant. So is the sadness and fear of the difficult person’s ugly actions. God does not give us permission to walk away from this person. Prayers seem to go unanswered. The relationship is an on-going challenge in life.

It is great to read educational and inspirational books on the subject. I’ve written one! But the real help and strength is to have close communion with God. He is in charge of the situation. We can try to do everything we know to make things right, but God is the one we need to look to.

He is the one who says, “Stay” or “Go”. It is our job to be obedient to Him.

God sees and has compassion on each person involved in a situation. He wants to heal each person. There are four points of view to each situation – our difficult person’s view, our view, the world’s view, and then there is the Truth. God sees the situation with His infinite knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and love. He sees the core of the heart of each person before He sees the sin. When we get to heaven, God will allow us to see the core of our difficult person’s heart. He will heal every pain and we will see how He is glorified in every detail of our lives. We will bask in His glory and indescribable presence.

God blessed me by allowing me to see Mama’s heart before she died. His healing and glory was more than I could have ever imagined. He has the same gift waiting for you. It may be while you are here on earth. It may be when you get to heaven.

Your gift will be more beautiful and glorious than you can fathom. You will see God’s presence, love, and glory in the situation. Hearts will be healed.   You will know that your prayers were heard and answered in His perfect timing.   You will see that God held you close to Him at all times. You will have joy and peace that is beyond words.

Your blessing is waiting, because The Time Will Come.

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