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04 Jul

It is easy for us to associate with Jesus’ sadness and grief as He journeyed to the cross and His request to God to remove the cup of suffering He had to endure. But His tears were more than for Himself. His tears were also for the sins and devastation of mankind – past, present, and future. His weeping involved grief over sin and a deep love and compassion for you and me. Jesus wept when He looked over Jerusalem…..

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02 May

When we start shifting our attention from God to people, we begin to expect them to meet our needs and desires in a way that only God can provide for us.   Unfortunately, we leave ourselves open for disappointment. As our emotional dependence grows, we develop expectations that they cannot or will not deliver. Those who have helped us or met our needs tend to become our champions. This is a very subtle process, and often we do not realize it…..

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