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07 Nov

Tomorrow we elect a new president of the United States. Life is about to change. Some of us will be elated, thankful, and hopeful for the future. Others will be despondent, sad, maybe angry, and fearful of the days of head. Some have lost hope. They feel that no matter who gets elected president, our nation is in a downward spiral. We are truly at God’s mercy with this election. Regardless of who is elected tomorrow, we look to God……

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04 Jul

It is easy for us to associate with Jesus’ sadness and grief as He journeyed to the cross and His request to God to remove the cup of suffering He had to endure. But His tears were more than for Himself. His tears were also for the sins and devastation of mankind – past, present, and future. His weeping involved grief over sin and a deep love and compassion for you and me. Jesus wept when He looked over Jerusalem…..

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06 Jun

As I was watching and observing people at the Camp Mabry National Day of Prayer Luncheon to honor our military heroes – those now enlisted – the word “Family” kept coming to my mind. I saw that these brave warriors of God shared a unique bond. They were “Family.” Many of us have had to change our definition of family. Divorce and death greatly alter family dynamics. The blending of two families by remarriage changes life again. Careers, especially military…..

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