16 Mar

We have a remnant in America that prays for our leadership to honor God, to lead this country back to Him and His principles, and to honor Israel. God has had mercy on us and has chosen this leadership. It was because of God’s mercy, forgiveness, and His hearing our prayers that we have had the freedom of worship throughout the years. He has heard His remnant and has had mercy on us.

Just as the terrorists against America are a nameless, faceless group of people, so are God’s remnant, which fights the evils of this world through prayer.  We, God’s remnant, are the nameless, faceless terrorists to the dark world of Satan.

Our prayers are not the power or result of our blessings. The power is God’s compassion, majesty, and His mercy as He hears our prayers.

We remember that we pray and fast to accomplish the following:

  • To glorify God in all things.
  • To strengthen our relationship with Him and to grow closer to Him.
  • To receive healing and blessings from God. Spiritual healings and blessings are the first priority, physical healings and blessings are the second.
  • To bring down the nameless, faceless evils of the dark side down.

Our prayers and fasts are not just for us or the ones we love. They are part of the mighty mass of the remnant that God has called to be His own. No matter how weak and feeble we may feel our prayers are, they are part of the mighty anointed substance here on earth that God has created for His glory and to proclaim His majesty and His presence.

Our prayers are not isolated, feeble efforts of crying out to God. Not only does He hear us individually and corporately, He also hears and considers us as part of His mighty movement on earth.

Thank you God for this privilege and honor.


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